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Is Professional Teeth Cleaning Really Necessary?

Is Professional Teeth Cleaning Really Necessary? Santa Clara Dentists

There is a common fallacy that flossing, rinsing with mouthwash, and brushing will suffice for dental health. The truth is an at-home oral hygiene routine can only do so much for your gums and teeth.

Professional cleaning, carried out by an experienced dentist, is crucial for oral health and aesthetic appeal. If you haven’t had any form of teeth cleaning in the past one year or six months, it is high time you scheduled a trip to a Palo Alto dental clinic near you.


Deep Teeth Cleaning Vs. Regular Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

Deep cleaning is not obligatory for every patient. Usually, it is a special kind of cleaning that focuses on getting rid of bacteria that cause gum disease. For instance, if you have gingivitis or a more severe case of gum infection, you will need deep teeth cleaning in Palo Alto.

Unlike a regular cleaning, this procedure takes two appointments. The dentist will do a partial cleaning of your mouth at each visit. But what actually happens during teeth cleaning?

First, the dentists conduct a physical exam. If they detect significant issues, they proceed to numb your mouth and then use special dental instruments to clean tartar and plaque in the gums and teeth. Additionally, the dentist will smoothen out the roots of your teeth to remove pockets of bacteria and get rid of gum disease.

Professional Dental Cleaning Is Necessary: Here Is Why.


  1. Professional Teeth Cleaning Is Essential in Combating Gum Disease
    According to a study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), deep teeth cleanings is hugely beneficial to individuals with chronic gum disease.

Gum disease affects the tissues surrounding the teeth, causing halitosis (bad breath) and possible bone loss if left untreated. The gums progressively weaken as gum disease magnifies.

Professional teeth cleaning in Palo Alto provides you with the chance to locate gum disease early, reverse the impact, and treat the issue before it degenerates. Thus, failure to meet with your dentist for regular dental checkups and cleanings may leave your gums more vulnerable.


  1. Professional Teeth Cleaning Is Necessary for Cavity Prevention

Plaque is one of the primary causes of cavities. Plaque slowly builds up on the teeth, leaving behind a film-like material that attacks dental enamel. Your teeth start to decay as the enamel dissipates. Usually, this decay spurs large cavities.

Professional teeth cleaning in Palo Alto is essential to get rid of plaque and clean all those confined areas in your mouth you may not be able to clean by yourself. In other words, it is the only practical way to eliminate all the cavity-causing plaque in the mouth.


  1. Teeth Cleaning Help You Achieve a Beautiful Smile

Everyone wants a lovely smile, yet a beautiful smile cannot be achieved only with brushing, flossing, mouth rinsing, and use of over-the-counter products.

Opt for professional dental cleanings, and you will rest knowing the dentist will conduct the procedure much more safely than any DIY method. Add to the fact that professional cleaning will remove stains and buff up your teeth, so they look that much brighter and whiter.

How Often Should You Go for Dental Checkups and Cleaning in Palo Alto?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends regular dental visits depending on your specific case. If you are taking care of your teeth and having regular cleanings, a deep cleaning may not be essential. An annual regular dental cleaning may be enough. However, patients with a history of periodontitis or gum disease may have to visit more often for checkups and deep cleaning.

Do Teeth Cleanings Hurt?

There are some people for whom any dental visit can cause anxiety and apprehension. However, while teeth deep cleaning may cause some discomfort, your Palo Alto dentist will use anesthesia to numb the gums during the procedure.

You really shouldn’t feel pain during teeth cleaning. And in instances where your gums may feel a bit tender after the procedure, there are ways to ease that.

Teeth Cleaning Aftercare

After cleaning, your dentist will offer instructions on how to care for your teeth. Here are some common best practices for just about every teeth cleaning situation:


  • Don’t eat until the numbness has subsided entirely. Ensure you can feel every sensation in your gums before eating. That way, you won’t damage your gums or disrupt the healing process.


  • Avoid certain food. Though your gums are healing, there are some foods you shouldn’t eat. They may include challenging-to-eat foods like large burgers and steaks, acidic foods like citrus, and foods with small pieces that may get trapped in your gums, such as popcorn and nuts.


  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater. Your Palo Alto dentist may advise you to rinse your mouth a few times a day with salt water. This keeps the treated part clean and helps avoid infection.

Schedule a Dental Checkup and Cleaning in Palo Alto Today

Visiting your Palo Alto dentist for checkups and cleaning at least twice a year will ensure your mouth, gum, and teeth remain healthy at all times. All the best as you plan this important and necessary visit!

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Woo Your Valentine With Fresh Breath

Blue Turtle Dental- It’s Valentine’s Day; a time-tested opportunity for showing that special someone that you care. Cards and flowers, chocolates and wine– no matter what your choice of Valentine’s cheer may be, your honey is going to hope that your breath is sweet when he or she thanks you with a kiss.

Halitosis, or bad breath, is the number one Valentine’s Day buzz kill. Nothing sours conversation hearts quicker than an unpleasant smelling mouth. But fortunately, this problem can easily be treated at your trusted source for Palo Alto Dentist: Blue Turtle Dental!

An examination of bad breath

What causes bad breath? Of course, bad oral hygiene is the number one culprit– which is great news because it’s inexpensive and easy to fix!

There are other causes of halitosis, some you might not even think of!

  • Food. Food’s an easy one. Want to kiss your honey? Maybe skip the onions right beforehand. But onions and garlic aren’t the only way that food can cause unpleasant breath. If you fail to floss, food particles will hang out in your mouth for hours or even days. If you notice that your breath smells like something you ate last week, that’s a good sign that flossing should be in your future.
  • Smoking. Tobacco use, like pipe, cigarette smoking, or smokeless tobacco, all cause terrible breath– in addition to being a major health hazard! If you are interested in gaining some resources to help you quit tobacco, please ask at your next appointment. Quitting tobacco can make a big difference in your oral health, and we’re here to help you!
  • Gum disease. Gum disease often results from poor hygiene, but once it starts, it can be its own cause of bad breath. The infection around your gumline caused by plaque not only causes swelling, tenderness, and bleeding– but it can have an unpleasant odor, too!
  • Medical conditions. A medical condition unrelated to oral health can also cause bad breath, particularly infections in the airway, like pneumonia or a sinus infection. Diabetes can also contribute to unpleasant breath. Because of hormone changes, pregnancy can cause dry mouth– which places pregnant women at a higher risk for gum disease as well as halitosis!
  • Medications. Some medications can lead to dry mouth as well. Without saliva to keep your mouth fresh and clean, you may experience bad breath as a side effect of medications!

Some solutions at Blue Turtle Dental

If you are experiencing bad breath, that doesn’t mean you will be alone on Valentine’s Day. There are a lot of things you can do to treat a bad breath situation! 

  • Avoid pungent or smelly foods– no sardines on your pizza.
  • Drink lots of water, especially if you go a long time between meals. This rinses the mouth and boosts salivary production.
  • Chew sugar-free gum after or between meals. This also stimulates saliva, and helps clean your mouth.
  • If you are experiencing medically-related halitosis, work with your doctor; she can help suggest tools to address this problem.

And finally– stay up-to-date on your appointments at Blue Turtle Dental, your first choice of Palo Alto dental care. Regular cleanings are critical to fresh breath.

Call for your next appointment now!


Photo Credit: Kolin Toney via Compfight cc