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Benefits of Titanium Dental Implants

You may hope your teeth will last a lifetime, but there are many reasons why they may not. Injury and decay are the two main reasons people have missing teeth, and if these gaps are not filled, it can have long-term repercussions on your overall health. When you have a missing tooth, your other teeth will not be kept in place and may start to move. You’ll most likely have difficulty chewing, which will result in not getting the proper nutrition from your food. Missing teeth can also cause your speech to change if you can no longer pronounce words properly.

In the past, dentures, partial dentures and bridges were the main way missing teeth were treated. Today, technology has advanced to allow implants to replace missing teeth. Titanium dental implants are almost like your original teeth, and some people think they are better.

The titanium implant replaces the tooth root and furnishes a strong base for a permanent replacement tooth. When a tooth is missing and not replaced, the bone starts to deteriorate. The titanium fuses with the jawbone and actually strengthens the bone preventing bone loss. The implants are not affected by normal oral acidity, which is another reason they are an excellent long-term solution for missing teeth.

The benefits of titanium implants are:

• Implants looking, feeling, and functioning like natural teeth.

• With proper care, implants can last a lifetime.

• You’ll never worry that your teeth will loosen or fall out when you eat or talk.

• Implants retain the natural shape of your jaw and face.

• Unlike dentures, your teeth stay in your mouth and not in a cup.

• Implants allow you to chew your food well and speak clearly.

• You’ll be able to eat foods that you may have avoided with dentures.

• The titanium implant and restored crown will not decay, but you’ll need to care for it the same way you would care for your original teeth.

• If you still have healthy teeth, bridges can grind away part of the tooth enamel. Implants protect healthy teeth and stop them from shifting.

• Implants are more predictable than partial dentures, bridges, and other appliances. Titanium implants have a long-term track record of success.

Almost anyone who has missing teeth is a candidate for implants. However, it’s important for the patient to be in good general health. Contact Blue Turtle Dental today for a consultation. Our extensive experience in various areas of dentistry has allowed us to produce satisfying results. We will assess your mouth and jawbone and be able to determine if titanium implants are right for you.