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Top Dental Care Tips for Kids

February is the month of love and National Children’s Dental Health Month. It’s a great reminder to show us some love for your kid’s teeth.

Healthy adult teeth begin in childhood. They affect not just our children’s dentition, speech, and eating abilities, but also their self-esteem. A study report by the California Society of Pediatric Dentistry reports;

“Untreated dental disease compromises the child’s ability to eat well, sleep well, and function well at home and at school. The unaesthetic nature of untreated dental decay compromises the child’s self-esteem and social development.” (Source: The Consequences of Untreated Dental Disease in Children)

Poor dental health can affect your kids and lead to infection, gum disease, or other problems.

Oral tips for your kids 

It can be challenging to encourage our children to be responsible for their dental health. We have listed the best dental tips for your kids. Small steps lead to drastic results.

1. Be their role model and educate your children 

Whether it is younger or older children, they like to model their parents. Be their role model for dental hygiene, as you demonstrate proper habits to them until their adulthood. You can make certain routines like brushing and flossing shared activities with them.

Educate them about the importance of oral care and the right techniques of brushing and flossing. Read books and watch videos that explain dental hygiene to kids in a fun and educational way.

Plaque can be difficult to see, unlike cavities. You can do a fun science experiment with a plaque-disclosing tablet to talk about how plaque forms and looks to your children. Fun activities like these can reinforce the significance of oral health and its impact on their overall health.

2. Make brushing and flossing part of their daily routine

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends parents brush their children’s teeth until they are eight years, and floss them until they are 10. For babies and toddlers, their gums can be cleaned with a soft washcloth until their milk teeth erupt.

You can, of course, support daily brushing and flossing habits by getting your child to get more involved. They can shop for their favourite toothbrush, and you can have so many options these days with fun characters and colors. Look for soft bristle brushes for children. There are electric toothbrushes for children which clean teeth better. You can pick floss with a handle for your kids to use it more comfortably.

Your kids can pick their favorite toothpaste flavor. Make the daily brushing and flossing routine exciting for your children by playing songs in the background. The American Dental Association (ADA) has a special playlist for children to encourage their brushing habits.

Their toothbrushes need to be changed every 3-4 months, and the ADA recommends this. One sign when their brushes need to be tossed out is when they start to fray and get ineffective in their functioning. You should also teach your kids to brush and clean their tongues as well.

The ADA has changed its earlier stance and now recommends fluoridated toothpaste for all kids from the time their first tooth erupts. Tooth decay is the most common disease in childhood, overtaking asthma in recent years.

Children should learn to brush their teeth twice a day and floss once a day. The right technique of brushing and flossing is also important as an aggressive action or an incorrect method can harm their teeth and gums.

You can organize a craft session for your kids where they can make their track chart. It can be hung in their bathrooms and checked each time they brush and floss their teeth. They can also be rewarded for their consistency with anything they like to do. Alternatively, you can access fun coloring pages and activities on the ADA site.

3. Stock and prepare enjoyable teeth-friendly food options 

There are so many teeth-friendly food choices for your children. Fruits, vegetables, lean meat, cheese, and nuts don’t just make great nutritional choices but can also reduce their risk of developing cavities.  Limit processed food, cookies, candy, chips, and sugary soda beverages.

You can give a list of healthy teeth-friendly options to your child and let them pick their favorite foods from the grocery store.

If your child shows interest in gardening, you can encourage him or her to grow their own fruits and vegetables and prepare meals together.

4. Schedule regular dental visits 

Like adults, you should bring your children to the dentist twice a year. Both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommend bringing your child to a dentist around their first birthday or when their first tooth appears.

Starting early will help your child get accustomed to dental visits, which are important for sustainable dental health. You can also ease dental anxiety in your children by reading books about dentist visits and help them be mentally prepared beforehand. A good family and pediatric dentist will also be adept at reducing your child’s fears and making them feel comfortable in the clinic.

A family and pediatric dentist will examine your child’s family history and look for any early signs of a cavity. They can also guide your child on the proper brushing and flossing techniques. There are many options like sealants for children to protect their teeth from harmful bacteria and cavities.

Final Thoughts

Celebrate the month of love with your children by showing some love for their teeth. A little bit of chocolate and candies hurt no one as long as your children are on track with their oral care. You can take pointers from our article, and of course, our dentists are always a call away.

And we assure you that your kids will have a lot to smile about all year long.

If you’re currently looking for a family and Pediatric Dentists in Palo Alto, you can trust Blue Turtle Dental services in Palo Alto, CA, for expert dental care. Call us for any dental queries, concerns, or to schedule an appointment.


(Disclaimer: We routinely draw upon public health resources to inform our write-ups. Information in this article has been gathered from multiple public health sources, including:


  1. http://mouthhealthy.org/
  2. https://www.cda.org/
  3. https://www.webmd.com


Why You Must Schedule Your Child’s Back-to-School Dental Checkup Even if They’re Attending Online School

Why You Must Schedule Your Child’s Back-to-School Dental Checkup Even if They’re Attending Online School_Redwood City Dentists

For generations in American history, Back to School has been an important time to check children’s general dental health. Call our children’s dentists in Palo Alto to schedule a back-to-school dental checkup for your kids even if they are attending online school.  

Back to school dental checkup offers a fresh chance for a healthy start. It’s time for your children to get school books, cool stationery, and new toothbrushes! 

Starting the new school year with a renewed commitment to dental hygiene puts your children on a winning track throughout the academic year. The American Dental Association estimates that dental diseases cause children to miss over 51 million school hours each year! Dental checkups are especially essential to fight the most common chronic dental condition: cavities. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to avoid untreated dental diseases that can cause pain, trouble eating, difficulty in speaking and school absenteeism.   

The academic year of 2020 presents unique challenges for parents and children. Your child’s dental problems remain the same whether the classroom is in place or online, and when neglected, has a direct impact on his or her school life. However, parents may hesitate to schedule dental checkups to reduce chances of community coronavirus transmission. Bear in mind that back-to-school dental check-ups are even more critical amid the current coronavirus pandemic to avoid easily treatable conditions that might result in dental disease flare-ups and emergency visits later on. 

It’s a great idea to schedule a dental appointment with your child’s pediatric dentist before they start school to ensure they’re maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Some schools in California require your child to get a dental examination before going back to school in the fall. Even if your child’s school doesn’t mandate an appointment, it’s still essential for their overall health to see regularly see their dentist and get their annual dental checkup. 


Why are Back-to-School dental check-ups important? 

Your child cannot afford to miss a dental examination before heading back to the classroom. Dental check-ups are an essential part of your child’s overall health, which could affect his or her academic performance. 

Dental examinations are equally important as immunizations and booster shots as per the American Dental Association.  Back to school is the right time to pay attention to your children’s dental care, among other aspects such as their eyesight, disease prevention, and sports equipment.

Early detection with dental problems can ensure that your child gets treated at the right time and stays healthy throughout the academic year. When you ignore your child’s ‘back-to-school’ dental check-up, dental problems that arise in the course of the year can be painful and affect your child’s life, including his or her classroom performance. For example, tooth cavities, a common dental problem among children, can cause severe pain, difficulties in eating and speaking, poor concentration, and school absenteeism. 

Dr. Alex Yen, one of the best children’s dentists in Palo Alto, CA, says that parents must treat their child’s ‘back-to-school’ appointments as preventive dental services. Children with dental complications get affected physically, mentally, and socially. A healthy mouth leads to improved concentration and classroom performance. Treating minor dental problems and preventing cavities boosts your child’s morale and school performance. 


What happens during back to school appointments

With a recommended two dentist check-ups for children, back-to-school time is an ideal time to have one scheduled for your child. 

At Blue Turtle Dental, our pediatric dentists in Palo Alto, we have been busy with back-to-school dental appointments. We maintain the highest standards of sanitation, health, and safety as per the COVID-19 regulations. If you have not made a Back-to-School dental appointment, please make the time and do it for your child. This appointment is always important, but more so than ever in these times.

The ‘back-to-school’ dental exam will help ensure your child is brushing and flossing correctly. It will help us identify any potential issues before they become an emergency visit and put your child’s mouth in a lot of trouble in the future. We examine your child’s overall dental health, looking for decays, cavities, gum diseases, misalignment, and malocclusions. Based on your child’s dental condition, we suggest the right treatment. Your child’s dental check-up may include the following procedures: 


  • Professional Tooth Cleaning – This is a must! No matter how well your child brushes and flosses, a professional tooth cleaning removes more cavities-causing bacteria than routine brushing can achieve. Professional tooth cleaning also removes most teeth stains for children.
  • Fluoride Treatment – This is another must. Fluoride is a mineral that prevents caries in their very elementary, microscopic diseases stage. At your child’s dental exam, we will apply topical fluoride to protect their teeth and they may be advised not to rinse, eat, or drink for 30 minutes after the application.
  • X-ray Procedures – Dental x-rays help us observe the development of your child’s teeth and to check on their tooth root health. X-rays also help detect decay, if any. 
  • Mouthguards Checks – If your child plays sports and uses mouthguards, back-to-school dental checkups is a good time to get the mouthguard evaluated for wear and tear and fit.
  • Sealants – Sealants are another way to protect your child’s teeth from cavities. Dental sealants create a thin protective barrier to prevent growth of bacteria and food accumulation in the molars (back teeth), where most common tooth decay occurs. Once permanent molars start coming in, ask your dentist if sealants are recommended for your child.


It is essential to maintain dental hygiene post the dental check-ups. Ensure your child is brushing twice a day, flossing once in a day, and eating a healthy diet that limits sugar intake. 

Final Thoughts on Back-to-School Dental Checkups with Children’s Dentists in Palo Alto

A back-to-school dental appointment is critical in your child’s health and academic performance. You can trust Blue Turtle Dental services in Palo Alto, CA, for expert dental care. We are enthusiastic about helping your children start their school year on a happy, winsome note.To schedule a back-to-school dental appointment, call our children’s dentists in Palo Alto, CA, now.